Sand Pal Builders Kit



With the Sand Pal beach toy, your kids will learn that the process is no less important than the end result! Whether they make a perfect castle or not watch your child's face beam as they work to construct their own creation! The Sand Pal kit works with sand, mud, snow and indoor play materials.

  • Expands imagination & creativity 
  • Develops fine motor skills 
  • Nature engaging activity 
  • Family fun activity

Nine high-quality tools are just the right amount of equipment to build even the largest and complex structure.
Sand Pal comes with a chic and sturdy mesh carrying bag for easy transportation to the beach and easy cleaning and storage.

Kit Includes:
- 3 Brick makers: Block | Cube | Cylinder
- 4 Ending molds: Dome | Rook | Pyramid | Triangle Roof  
- Ergonomic multi use shovel
- Fashionable mesh shoulder bag